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The first medical Thai massage in Slovakia

The business is under the professional supervision of the doctor of the Outpatient clinic of integrative medicine and a general practitioner in Bratislava, which is also a partner medical entity. Medical Thai massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage and integrative medicine (integrative medicine = medicine aimed at eliminating the causes of diseases with a holistic approach to the patient and the use of non-standard procedures).

Medical Thai massage

The massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage and integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is the focus of professional health services with multidisciplinary expertise in eliminating the causes of diseases with a holistic approach to the patient and with the use of non-standard procedures. The advantage of medical Thai massage over classical Thai massage is:

  • higher effect of the complex effect of massage with a healing effect,
  • possibility of detecting certain health disorders that would be detected later,
  • use under medical supervision in some cases, even when Thai massage itself is not recommended.

It is basically an extract of the most effective methods of rehabilitation in the outpatient area in a relatively short period of time. The time of provided services is set so that they could be used by clients later after working hours, even on weekends.

History of Thai massage

Thajská masáž má viac ako 2500 ročnú tradíciu a vychádza z indickej ajurvédskej medicíny, tradičnej čínskej medicíny a budhistickej filozofie. Prapôvod liečiteľských metód a samotnej medicíny začína práve z uvedeného obdobia, kedy ešte neexistovala veda v dnešných exaktných, racionálnych a na dôkazoch založených princípoch. Moderné masáže sa venujú niektorým svalovým skupinám so špecifickou technikou, kým thajská masáž je najkomplexnejšia čo sa týka využitia techník, anatomickej lokality a vôbec celostného prístupu. To avšak neznamená, že moderné masáže sú horšie. Práve vhodná kombinácia a správna indikácia rozhoduje o konečnom prínose pre zdravie klienta/pacienta. Nesmierne obdivuhodné je to, že napriek chýbaniu vedeckých poznatkov dokázali pred tisícročiami empíriou (pozorovaním, testovaním, analýzou, skúsenosťami) vypracovať účinné liečebné postupy, ktoré popísali alternatívnou terminológiou vychádzajúcou z vtedajšej filozofie. Aj keď tieto princípy nie sú popísané dnešnou vedeckou terminológiou a presnými zákonitosťami, stále majú svoje doplňujúce postavenie v modernej celostnej medicíne pre svoju nezanedbateľnú účinnosť a prínos v uzdravovaní.

The true scientific nature of medicine evolved gradually with the coming of new discoveries, inventions and the exact approach of processing new. The beginnings of the scientific character of medicine begin with the period of Greek antiquity associated with the name Hippocrates.

A holistic approach to the patient has always been present in the healing practices of Oriental as well as "European" scientific Hippocratic medicine (Greek term holistic). Unfortunately, today's "Western" official medicine in practice has subtly abandoned the holistic nature of the patient's approach and is increasingly focused on symptoms rather than the cause of illness, despite the WHO definition of health itself emphasizing the holistic nature.

Techniques used in Thai massage

An alternative variant of acupuncture consisting of the massage of acupuncture points in order to release the blocks in the so-called meridians according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Reflexive massage consists of influencing those body points that have been secondarily changed as a result of a pathological reaction originating from the primary disease process of another locality. The neural connections are primarily responsible for reflex effects, which form a map of so-called reflex zones corresponding to individual organs.

The technique of stretching muscle complexes in order to remove spasms, contractions, stiffness and achieve normal elasticity, muscle tone, flexibility and functionality of locomotor organs.

Techniques targeted at soft tissues to achieve optimal perfusion, sensory comfort, relaxation, trigger point stimulation.

Techniques of passive movements guided by a therapist - manipulator in order to release the block anatomical position of movement structures using the laws of biomechanics.

Meditation - techniques of concentrating on one's own thought, emotional and sensory processes, on self-knowledge and detachment from external disturbing and stressful influences.

Thai massage directly affects the organ systems

  • Movement system (muscles, tendons, joints)
  • Vascular system (blood and lymphatic vessels)
  • Nervous system (reflex effect)
  • Psychosystem (sensory effect and secondary effect of relaxation)

The complex effect of Thai massage is generally known from direct as well as secondary effects on many systems such as the psyche (sleep, concentration, mental well-being, emotional balance, inner peace..), cardiovascular system, immune system, movement system (proper posture, reduction of painful conditions, joint function), performance, slowing down aging and detoxification.

Limitations of Thai massage

Like any therapeutic method, Thai massage has some limitations for health reasons. Many massage establishments state on their websites the health reasons when massage should not be applied, but it is rather a formality or alibism. It is not possible to contain the whole list of so-called contraindications and is therefore up to the customer or his solemn declaration that he is fit to undergo a massage. Although they are formally asked about some health restrictions, this is far from meeting the requirements of a medical examination or consultation, nor the legal principles of protection and handling of sensitive health data according to the GDPR. In general, the patient should be aware that in the case of open wounds, infectivity and any serious illness, he should not go for a massage unless recommended by the doctor. For these reasons, medical Thai massage is an option for those who want to combine non-traditional massage art with medicine and choose a consultation with a doctor or a comprehensive examination in a partner clinic of integrative medicine, where you can get other above-standard additional examinations or treatment to increase healing effect of Thai massage itself.

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